The Wallet World: All You Need To Know And Tips On How To Get The Best Deal

You use a wallet on daily basis, right? What this means is that your wallet should be something you like and cherish. Thus, you shouldn’t just buy a wallet, go for class. Get a functional one. Look different with a new design. But with the emergence of so many wallet options on the market, it seems you are going to find it hard to strike the best deal. That is why Nakedwallet is here to guide you. With the following tips, basics, and wallet options, you should have the finest design.

Wallet alternatives

The following are the most popular wallet alternatives:

Wallet alternatives in detail

1. Holder

With a coin holder, you get sufficient space to keep some dollars inside a zippered pocket. This type of wallet is rectangular in shape, so you can slide a card or two inside with much ease. This makes it fit into your front pocket without much struggle.

2. Money clip wallet

The money clip is a forerunner in the money band. This heavy-duty, metal clip can hold folded money as well as cards in place. If you prefer paying with cash and you need easy access to your money, then this is exactly what you need. With a money clip wallet, your money won’t bulge (if you have too much of it).Also, it reduces the bulk of a conventional wallet. The good thing with this type of wallet is that you can monogram it with your name on the front.

  1. Sports Wallet

If you are so much into outdoor, then the sports wallet is your ideal choice .Featuring a zipper and a Velcro, most sports wallets have been designed with water resistance capabilities.

  1. Travel Wallet

A traveler wants something that can safely keep a passport. So if you are so much into traveling, this type of wallet is all you need. The travel wallet can comfortably hold passports and credit cards


The top 7 reasons you should switch to front pocket wallets


  1. Front pocket wallets are more comfortable.

A front wallet is cool and classy to hold your cash. Most front pocket wallets feature slim designs, enabling them to fit the rounded cut of a front pocket. They enable you to comfortably sit down without having to remove them from your pocket.

  1. looks cool

An overstuffed bulky back pocket wallet can look awful – especially if you are in a slim fit dress pant (if you’re a lady) or skinny jeans (for men). Asymmetry is not appealing to any eye. These nice looking front pockets wallets are super-slim, so the odd shapes ruining your streamlined look won’t be a problem anymore.

  1. Don’t wreck your jeans anymore


Unlike back pockets, a front pocket wallet won’t wreck the jeans. So, you can wear your denim without having to worry about wrecks .Since you are not putting all your weight on this fabric with a slim front pocket wallet, our unique wallets won’t destroy your favorite jeans.

  1. Convenience

Unlike the old back wallet, a front pocket wallet can be very convenient, especially if you’re on the move .What this means is that you don’t have to remove it every time you sit down. Besides, if you don’t remember to grab it when you get up, you may end up losing your vital documents.


  1. No more pickpocketing

With a front pocket wallet, which is practically harder to pickpocket, users will have the confidence they need even when in a crowded place. Back wallets are easy targets for pick-picketers. But with a front wallet, you are likely to notice such as case immediately.


  1. Your back will thank you

A front pocket wallet will never harm your back. Sitting on a wallet all day long can harm your back. So don’t risk your back with a back wallet that can encourage posture misalignments .why torture yourself with unnecessary pain yet you can readily afford a front wallet?


  1. The power of RFID-blocking in front wallets.

Apart from being difficult to physically pick pocket, front wallets are RFID-blocking. This prevents electronic pick pocketing. RFID-blocking technology is a smart enough to prevent skimming attacks against your contactless credit cards in the wallet. Skimming attacks are used by cyber attackers to get your name as well as credit card number using an electronic reader. So, if your wallet features RFID-blocking, then your documents are very safe.


Wallet Functionality

No more struggle with nervous sweat as you scuffle through your bags, searching for your passport or other personal documents. The travel wallet makes it possible for you to keep all your credentials in one safe place while fitting comfortably in your pocket. Furnished with two note sections, card slots, handy pens, and a customized passport pouch, the only thing you need is to sit close to the window and enjoy your flight.
This accessory offers incredible functionality and is a must-have for every traveler. It’s specially designed to accommodate every piece of your travel needs and wishes. The travel wallet incorporates elegantly labeled compartments, including passport, currency, and travel documents. Besides, the cleanliness, premium quality, classic shape, and sparkling Italian leathers allow for quick transformation into a cool evening clutch. Beyond adaptability, travel wallets are an amazing tool of pleasure for any adventure ahead.
Wallet functionality trickles down to the ability of your wallet to do what it was meant to do; and that’s carrying money. So, your wallet of choice should be up to that task.

However, don’t overload or gorge it with too much cash.

Other things that your wallet should hold:

  • Identification documents
  • Credit cards
  • Business cards
  • Personal and family photos

What you should leave out

However, consider leaving out the following things especially if you have a tiny wallet:

  • Discount cards
  • Your local library cards
  • All medical cards
  • Social security card
  • Condoms can be left in the car
  • Coins
  • Receipts

Tips for choosing the right wallet for your job

  1. Understand your needs

It’s imperative that you understand your specific needs. For instance, if you are a banker, your wallet should be simple, official, and adaptable.

  1. You can have multiple wallets

Having multiple wallets is ok. What this means is that you can get one for traveling to keep all your passports (of your kids and wife) and one for the workplace.

  1. Leather synthetic

Leather is classic than synthetic. And you should remember that the darker the leather, the dressier it is.

What you should consider before picking a wallet:

  • Does the wallet meet your practical needs?
  • Is your wallet stylish?
  • Is the wallet’s size appropriate as far as where you want to keep it is concerned?
  • Your wallet should make a statement. If you are a stylish,trendy guy, let your wallet say that! Have a little fun. You shouldn’t settle for bog-standard yet you can purchase a nice wallet at an incredibly affordable cost.

Best Money Clip / Clip Wallets

Now, money clip is the talk of town! It has become increasingly popular. With money clips, you are offered a more minimalistic way to keep and manage your money. Made of metal, this unique type of wallet can hold a handful of your dollars and radiate urbanity.

Materials Used in Wallets

When shopping around for wallets for uptown/ downtown purposes, there are different types of materials to choose from. They range from synthetic to natural. But leather is the most common wallet material you can find on the market. It is durable as well as form-fitting. Essentially, leather for wallets is obtained from cow skin. However, leather can also be harvested from other sources such as alligator, crocodile, snake skin, and sheepskin. Other natural materials like cotton fabric or silk can be used to create wallets. Also, you can rely on synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, plastic polymers, and silicone to make a nice wallet. But don’t get surprised to find out that your wallet is made from an old tire, mailing container, or seat belt.

Aluminum Cases

Featuring radio frequency identification features, hard aluminum cases, can protect your credit card against thieves. These cases are effective at blocking radio waves from reading your credit cards using unique RFID chips. So you won’t worry about those people who can “tap and go” at particular checkout terminals. Nobody will inadvertently access your personal information from your credit cards.

A Quick Guide to the Man’s wallets

  • Bi-fold Wallets: These types of wallets are ideal for an everyday guy. However, if you’re an avid skinny jean wearer, avoid it.
  • Slim Fold Wallets:Slim fold wallets are a great alternative to the bi-fold, especially if you are so much into sleek fit ones.
  • Zip around Wallets:These are for those who fear losing things. Typically ideal for a casual setting
  • Money Clip or Clip Wallets:These unique wallets are ideal for those who like carrying cash, cards as well as little else
  • Phone Case Wallets:If you love keeping everything together, this should be your ideal wallet.


Your wallet says a lot about you. You are only as good as your wallet. In fact, a wallet is a timeless, stylish accessory and an essential investment you can make for your pocket.

However, it is not all about how your wallet looks. You should get a wallet that is as practical as possible. Go and learn about different wallets .Remember, choosing a wallet is not as easy as you may think. Just take a look at what is in your pocket. Don’t retain that old, cheap, and shabby bit of leather that desperately needs an upgrade!