The Naked Wallet: From Rubber Bands to Ingenious Simplicity

The cool money clips from The Naked Wallet are made using an ingenious design that takes the bulk out of carrying cash and credit cards. But the basic idea behind the minimal wallet goes way back to a time when men were trying to figure out on their own the best way to carry their cash without losing it. After the rubber band was invented in 1845 as a tool for holding all types of paper together, it probably didn’t take long to realize that the new invention could hold money together and keep it secure in their pocket.

Although rubber bands may have been effective for use as a money clip for men who had a limited amount of paper money and didn’t have multiple forms of ID to carry with them, there are multiple reasons that it simply isn’t as effective today. Most men carry more cash, have on average seven credit cards, a driver’s license, and any other papers that they randomly place inside their wallet. There is also the problem of having the contents constantly changing in size and the tendency of rubber bands to break under pressure. Enter the Naked Wallet.

What Is in Your Wallet?

You know all those commercials with celebrities like Jennifer Garr asking “What’s in your wallet?” Well, they are talking about the types of credit cards you carry. The fact is that most people carry far more credit cards than they really need. If you think that the cool money clips from Naked Wallet are too minimal for your needs, you probably have a lot more things in your wallet that you need to get rid of.


If you haven’t used a credit card in months, or even years, you are just risking losing it or having it stolen for nothing. Take it out, put it in the drawer at home, and take comfort in knowing that you have it if you need it. You should be able to get by with only one or two cards easily.A good choice is one credit and one debit card. You are also going to have other cards like ID’s, grocery discount cards, library cards, etc. that you will have to carry. Removing any card that isn’t essential will help reduce the bulk and make it easier to get to the card you need without holding up the line behind you.


Another problem with traditional wallets is that they are the “catch-all” for whatever lands in your hand. If you fuel-up your vehicle and get a receipt – in your wallet! If you purchase something and get a receipt – in your wallet! Someone gives you their business card – in your wallet! There are all types of papers that end up in your wallet that will probably fade beyond recognition before you ever go looking for them again. Take them out and start living a minimal life that will make paying for things a lot less of a hassle for you.


Getting Out of Your Back Pocket

Most men carry their wallets in their back pockets as a matter of practicality. If you have ever tried to put yours in your front pocket and then sit down, you know that it simply wasn’t meant to be used in this way!


After years of carrying your wallet in your back pocket (Possible the same wallet?) you may not even realize that it is causing any problems for you. After all, it has molded to the shape of your body and it may feel more natural to have it there than not. The best way to get real about your wallet situation is to take a look in the mirror. Even if you have gotten past feeling the bulk of your wallet when you sit down, you have to realize that an over-filled wallet just doesn’t look good. More importantly, it can be causing you physical damage. A bulky wallet in your rear pocket causes you to sit lopsided, leading to poor posture and even sciatica.


The cool money clips from Naked Wallet will lighten your load and make it possible to move the wallet from your back pocket to your front one. It may take a little getting used to at first, but most people who make the switch find it more comfortable and convenient to carry what they need in their front pocket where they don’t have to stand up to retrieve their money or credit card.


Getting What You Need When You Need It

Transferring your wallet from the rear pocket is just part of the reason that the cool wallets make it easier to get what you need without the hassle. The unique design of the Naked Wallet holds everything securely in place without the need to put everything in a different compartment so that you are always in search of something. Just take it out of your pocket, squeeze the ends of the clip to release, and take the bundle out to peel off the cash you need or retrieve the card you are after from the middle. Everything in your wallet is right there where you can see and grasp it.


Better Security

While you’re looking in the mirror at your wallet in your back pocket, think about how it would look to a pickpocket. They are probably the only ones who think the obvious bulk in the pocket of your pants is appealing! It’s out of your sight and not secured so it is ready for the taking. When you use the Naked Wallet, you carry less and you keep your valuables secure and out-of-sight in your front pocket where they can’t be reached by the most skilled pickpockets.


The way that the cool money clip keeps everything secure and makes it easy to access also makes it less likely that you will lose anything without even realizing it like you might if you were hunting through various compartments of an ordinary wallet. Eliminating items that you don’t need regularly will also make it more secure by preventing the loss or theft of cards that a thief might find more useful than you do!


A Better Option for Women Too

Women’s wallets tend to have even more compartments than men’s because they are normally carried inside their purse. They will have a built-in change purse, picture pockets, cell phone holder, and lots of individual slots for credit cards and ID. The problem is that when they take their wallets out to make a purchase, they have the same issues that a man does when he uses his wallet as a “store-for-all.”


Most women take their purse with them everywhere they go; even if it means getting in the way of what they are doing. The reality is that you really don’t need everything in your purse when you go out clubbing, visiting a museum with the kids, or shopping at Walmart! All you need is your money, your ID, and a credit card or debit card. That’s just what the Naked Wallet was made for.


The truth is that no matter how much a purse wraps around or how small it is; it’s just not that easy to keep up with or to move freely when you have it on. Putting the necessities in a minimal wallet will allow you to keep them in your front pocket where you can access them quickly when needed and keep them out of the way in the meantime. And even if you do carry your wallet in your purse, having less in it when you need to use it will make those people in line behind you a lot happier too.


Stylish Good Looks

If you still think your wallet should make a fashion statement, you won’t be disappointed by the cool money clips from Naked Wallet. The combination of the patented design, choice of fashion colors, and quality construction make each of these wallets an attractive accessory. Each wallet is made to provide maximum durability and the price is much lower than any of the designer wallets for men or women on the market today. Stick with the same basic color for everyday use or buy a few to mix and match with your wardrobe.


One of the biggest surprises that people who have tried these cool money clips leather wallets for the first time have is that they actually feel like they are carrying more than they were when they had bulky wallets that were overrunning. That’s because the Naked Wallet encourages you to eliminate the items that you don’t need and keeps everything that you do need where you can find it easily.


Not only is the minimal wallet a good idea for men and women, it is also a fashion accessory that is appropriate for all ages. Anyone from teen to senior will enjoy the ease of carrying and using their most important payment methods and ID that also includes greater comfort, security, and aesthetic appeal.