The Complete Wallet Buying Guide

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Having a good wallet is very important as this billfold as is sometimes referred to, is used to hold money, credit cards, all forms of identity cards, photographs and even receipts. These cards are normally laminated or in plastic form. Not all wallets are made to fit into pockets of jeans, jackets or pants; some are made to be carried in a purse especially by women. Wallets vary in fabrics, sizes, styles, brands and prices. They can also be bought in various shops and even online. Naked Wallet is your trusted online store offering high quality wallets. Making a choice of a good wallet that not only suits your style and personality but is also durable is very important and highly encouraged.

Origin of the Wallet

The word ‘Wallets’ has existed since the 14th century even though they used to be either bags, case or knapsack for moving different items such as meat around.  In 1834, the term wallet became specifically used for carrying paper currency around. Although the origin of the word is still a mystery and remain unknown, it can be traced back to the Greek word “kibisis”. The god Hermes in ancient Greek mythology carried a kibisis and so did Perseus in which he put the head of medusa.

Wallets came to be known as what it is used for in present day during the Renaissance. However wallets during the Renaissance were used for carrying coins and statement of accounts. During the 19th century, wallets were used for carrying foods but were later used to carry money and other valuables. It is obvious that the concept and ideas about wallet design and feel hasn’t changed very much. However, today there is a great difference as to what the wallet is used for and the material it is created from. Wallets used presently share a similar design with the first wallets known as bi-fold which was invented in the 50s.

Since credited cards were manufactured in that era, wallets were created to have separate slots to hold credit cards and another for money.

Types and Styles

There are three features every wallet must possess irrespective of the gender of its user. These three features are functionality, practicality and style. Wallets should be able to hold every necessary item the user wants to carry around and also provide comfort and accessibility especially for men because they carry their wallet everywhere. There are three main styles of wallet depending on the user’s choice. They are:

  • The hipster or bi-fold wallet which is structured to carry only cash and credit cards. It folds into half.
  • Tri-fold wallet which folds into three.
  • The organizer wallet which is structured to carry a check book, calendar and other features.

The most common fabrics used to design wallets are plastic, cotton, nylon and leather but the most durable of them all is the leather wallet. This is so because the fabric lasts longer. Some wallets are expensive while some are cheaper depending on the fabric. There are also designer wallets which come with the company logo or initial crested on them. These designer wallets are fashioned for both men and women.

Wallets for Men and Women

If anyone decides to go wallet shopping, there are guidelines to follow to make the right choice. Wallets vary in color, size and designs. You should also be aware that not all wallets are unisex but some made specifically for males while some are made for females. An example of the female wallet is the shoulder strap wallet.

 Types of Wallet

  • Bi – fold: as earlier stated, it is also called a hipster wallet and folds into half. It only accommodates credit cards, cash and identification cards.


  • Tri – fold: this is a wallet that can fold into three. It accommodates cards in a vertical position and is fun to open and close. It is mostly used buy younger men.
  • Shoulder strap: this is a wallet basically designed for women. It has a detachable string that is worn across the shoulder. It is likened to a purse and has the ability to accommodate cash, coins, identification cards and credit cards.
  • French purse: this type of wallet folds into two and has a closure for closing it. It possesses many slots for credit cards and identification cards. It also has the ability to accommodate cash as well as plastic holders for pictures.
  • Chequebook wallet: this can also be referred to as a breast pocket wallet because it has be ability to fit into the breast pocket of shirts, suits and coats and still be flat. However it can also be placed in a bag. It was typically designed to hold chequebooks but it also contain compartments for credit cards, international passports and funds, which a why it was initially designed for men who travel frequently to enable them move around with these items comfortably. This is the best choice of wallet for people who are often dressed on either a sports jacket or a suit jacket, as it can fit perfectly into the pockets of these jackets and still be flat. This wallet is a perfect choice for anyone who wants a unique wallet or needs to attend a special function as it makes you stand out.
  • Money clip: this is a type of wallet was basically designed for just cash and cards. It can be referred to as a wallet band. It is usually fashioned from metal and other materials. It is the unique style of wallet for men who carry minimal cash and cards around or who only want to carry necessary cash and card around. It is also good to know that there are some lovely designs that have emerged recently. You should know that once you barely make use of your wallet, then you should consider reducing what you carry around and opt for a money clip.
  • Money clips with pockets: this is a unique type of money clip that has front pockets and can be referred to as the front pocket wallet. It is slightly slimmer than the bi-fold wallet and so can fit into the front or back pocket. It has minimal compartments for cards and cash. The major benefit of this wallet over the regular money clips is that the cash compartment is separated from the card compartment and so you don’t have to struggle between cash and cards when hurriedly trying to make a payment.
  • Travel wallet: this is similar to the chequebook wallet as it also holds chequebooks, passports and cards. It is also used by businesses men who travel a lot, however it is bigger than the chequebook wallet and has more compartments.
  • Wrist: this type of wallet was designed to be worn on either the wrist or ankle and is used by people who move around a lot. It is used to hold keys, credit cards and cash.

There are so many wallet producers so wallets are available for purchase at any shop. You do not need to go to a special store to purchase a wallet except you desire a wallet of a particular brand or fabric. To buy a designer wallet or one made of a particular fabric, you need to make arrangements and find out where you can get such wallet.

Customization, Personalization, and Exotic Options

There are many options available for customization or personalization of wallets. The most common wallet usually customized is the bi-fold wallet. Personalizing the wallet involves cresting a name or a phrase on the outer part of the wallet. For example, “I am the boss”. However you should note that the space available for personalization is limited and so can contain limited amount of words or characters.

Another distinct wallet often customized is the duct tape as this can be made by anyone. It is easy to make though one should have an idea of making wallet before making one. People usually choose from the various designs of already made duct tape wallet available in stores in order to save them stress and time.

When you call a wallet an exotic wallet, it simply means that the wallet is made of unique and expensive fibers such as snakeskin, alligator or stingray. The fibers are different from others in texture and appearance and are more expensive than the wallets made from cotton or nylon.


It takes time and effort to make a choice of a wallet that suits a person’s lifestyle and taste particularly when one desires a particular type, style or price range of a wallet. Different types of wallets are available in store and online markets with each type possessing its own characteristic and feature. Some people prefer a wallet that is costly, of high quality, unique and durable while others just want a cheap wallet that will be used for only a short time. Either way, you should compare styles and price in different stores, before resolving to pick a wallet.