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Male Testimonials

The Naked Wallet® revolutionized my wallet game. Now my wallet is always easily accessible in my front pocket, and I’m no longer sitting on a folded stack of bills and cards all the time!Grant B. | Age 18
Hey, I have a Naked Wallet and it’s really easy to use in my everyday life. A lot better than a normal wallet. Easy to take out, it’s really great! So listen, you should get one!Andrew H. | Age 18
My Naked Wallet. I can’t live without it. It’s great, it’s super simple, easy to use, you gotta get one!Michael W. | Age 18
I use it every day and I love it! It’s easy to use and very accessible.Kevin T. | Age 19
It’s been a week since I got the wallet and it’s awesome; better than my last wallet. It’s easy to pull money or my card out and it doesn’t feel like I have a wallet in my back pocket. Awesome wallet!Alex M. | Age 20
I just like the fact that I can hold it in my front pocket instead of my back pocket and I prefer The Naked Wallet® because it is less bulky.Steven D. | Age 20
The Naked Wallet®. Making it simple. I like simple. It’s fast, easy, and holds as many bills as you want while staying thin. If you’re a college kid like me, there’s not many bills to hold but it does the job and it looks good too. I like it.Joshua A. | Age 20
I got my Naked Wallet this morning and thought I would use it for a week or two before giving a review of any kind but I don’t need a week to make my conclusion; it’s great! I hate wallets. I love this. It’s thin, it’s quick, it’s simple, it’s easy. You guys have made a great product from a great idea that solves an age-old problem: wallets. I know that I would not have found Naked Wallet unless I had stumbled upon it in a forum after Googling ‘I hate big wallets.’Joshua A. | Age 20
My girlfriend was thrilled by the idea of The Naked Wallet®. She uses it every chance she gets as do I.Walter T. | Age 21
I always take The Naked Wallet® out to the club. It fits really well in my pocket and people are always commenting on it. I love The Naked Wallet®. It’s perfect for me.Ryan P. | Age 23
I love it, especially when I go to the club and stuff like that. It fits right in my pocket. I don’t have to carry my bulky wallet with me, so it’s really great for what I need it for.Daryl Z. | Age 23
It’s just so smooth and keeps my essentials together. It’s perfect for me when I am traveling light, which is all the time. I have been waiting for something this simple and well-made for a while.Ravi | Age 23
My 23-year-old son Scott went out dancing last week and was using his Naked Wallet. He called me and said everyone that saw it wanted one and wanted to know where he got it. He was surprised how much buzz it created every time he used it. He loves using it and will not be going back to his conventional wallet. I think you’ve really got a hit on your hands.(Father of) Mark S. | Age 23
Before getting my Naked Wallet I was stubborn. I hadn’t changed the wallet I was using prior to Naked Wallet for about 12 years. It started out in my mind as a great substitute when I want to carry essentials when traveling and/or going out, but now it has become all I need! It has completely decluttered my life! So light and easy in my pocket. On top of all that, they look amazing! I highly recommend Naked Wallet.Misto | Age 24
I love my Naked Wallet. I’ve had mine a couple years now, so it’s held the test of time. I love to stick it in my front pocket; I don’t have that uncomfortable bulge where I sit down on one side, tilting me to the other side. Keep everything I need in it and I use it every day.Matt R. | Age 24
I’ve had my Naked Wallet for 2+ years and I love it. The thing is awesome.Matt R. | Age 24
A little stiff at first, but once it is worn in I found this product unique and an alternative to the limited number of carrying devices on the market today. I believe you have a Big Idea here, as Donny Deutsche would say.Charlie B. | Age 15-25
It is handy for snowboarding and motorcycling. When snowboarding you only need a few items on your person. When on a motorcycle it’s nice not sitting on your wallet.Mitchell W. | Age 15-25
Awesome product! Simple, straightforward, and efficient. I really like it!Justin Y. | Age 15-25
I can’t see myself ever using another wallet again! Nothing is as simple and easy as The Naked Wallet®!Joe M. | Age 15-25
I’ve been wallet-free for almost 6 months now still carrying my Naked Wallet. What can I say, I’m a fan!Yassin D. | Age 25
Love it, way less bulky in the pocket!Matthew H. | Age 25
I got The Naked Wallet® a while ago because I wanted something that was efficient, minimalistic, chic and good looking, but I didn’t want a money clip because I always thought that my cards would come out or the spring would get unlatched. I got The Naked Wallet® and I’ve been using it ever since.Richard T. | Age 25
Since using my Naked Wallet I have forgotten all about my big wallet and won’t go back! The Naked Wallet® is great!Thomas W. | Age 25
I’ve been using The Naked Wallet® since May 2010 and it’s been the only wallet I’ve used since and probably will be for the rest of my life. It’s super minimal, super simple, and looks great. I recommend it to everyone who mentions wanting to get a new wallet and I recommend it for anyone wanting to lose bulk and weight in their pockets.Richard Y. | Age 27
I have been using your product for several years now and love it!! I originally found it online by accident. It works much better than a money clip and I hated carrying a large wallet in my back pocket. Great product!!Lucas J. | Age 29
This is my second Naked Wallet purchase. I bought one 2 years ago and love it. I am replacing it with a new one!Doug M. | Age 29
Very early on in my wallet carrying days, I developed a hatred for large bulky wallets. In addition to this, I nearly always preferred storing my wallet in my front pocket for safety reasons. Total knee-jerk reaction for me I suppose. So over the years I would use ultra thin wallets, money clips, or small pocket knifes with a tight clip on them to carry my normal wallet contents. That is until I found this product. From the first moment I used it… I was hooked. From the simple nature to the conversation starter, this wallet has solved all wallet related issues in my life. I will forever be a customer.James G. | Age 29
I love my Naked Wallet and it’s so convenient. I bring it whenever I go. People always comment on it. It’s convenient, it’s easy to use and I don’t have to use my handbag anymore. I just run to the store really quick and just take The Naked Wallet® with me with some cash and credit cards in it. It’s so easy to take it out and put it back in and I love it!Liel T. | Age 29
I already have one Naked Wallet and just wanted to get a few more for some colleagues. Prior to having The Naked Wallet®, I used a Slim Clip. The Naked Wallet® is much better hands down.Caton H. | Age 33
There are many reasons why I like The Naked Wallet®. How it holds money and credit cards very well and the style of it. Thank you Naked Wallet.Solomon A. | Age 33
After several trips to a chiropractor’s office because I had a big, thick wallet, I started using The Naked Wallet® and love it. I won’t ever let it go and this is the thing I’m going to use from now on.Josh C. | Age 33
Hello, I purchased a Naked Wallet some months back. I’ve traveled with it around the world and I completely love this amazing thing you have created.Mark M. | Age 33
The Naked Wallet® is great for holding business cards and other stuff. The best use I’ve found for it is going out for the night. It is small and easy to manage at the bar or restaurant.Jeff T. | Age 25-35
Small, easy to use, barely there.Raiff J. | Age 25-35
Love it. Thank you so much.Brian B. | Age 25-35
Love it. I’ve been scaling down my wallet for a few years because all I need is money and a few cards. The Naked Wallet® is the best. It holds just cards alone and then expands to hold money and cards! Thank You!Ian I. | Age 25-35
I had already purchased one Naked Wallet for myself and liked it so much that I ordered another 5 to give to friends and family. It is really a nice, affordable, practical invention. I use mine all the time and appreciate how light and slim it is. I know the people I give them to will enjoy and appreciate them as well. Good luck and I will spread the word as well as the wallets… I think you have a real winner.Jerry T. | Age 35
Hello again. This is Mark, a long time client of yours. I’m going on my fourth Naked Wallet now in the last 2 years. I gave one to a friend in South America who fell in love with it. Another one I lost somehow on a flight to New York. The last one was stolen from me at a bar I was at a few days ago in Dallas (apparently they needed it more than me). Long story short, I am ordering two more from you so I can have a spare. You guys have lots of fans down in South America now and the one I left with a friend in Brazil was a huge hit.Mark M. | Age 35
I got a Naked Wallet about two months ago after years of carrying a huge wallet bulging in my back pocket. First, I want to tell you I have been using it from that day forward and it’s a small miracle. My Naked Wallet is wonderful! Not only does it work great, I don’t add receipts and other extras to my wallet anymore. It is easy and convenient to use and such a better system of organization from that old trifold I was using. It’s a two-for-one one deal – small and convenient and it forces me to stay organized! Thank you so much. Also, I wanted to let you know I just logged on and purchased 2 more as gifts; it’s a real winner!!!Patrick R. | Age 35
Naked Wallet. It doesn’t get much better than that. I used to carry a big, thick wallet. Now that’s all I got. I love it!David O. | Age 35
I like The Naked Wallet® because it’s easy to use and it’s convenient. Everything I need is in this small package. I’ll never use another wallet again. Get a Naked Wallet!John B. | Age 36
My brother and I like The Naked Wallet® so much we ordered 3 more!!!!! One for our dad, and one more for each of us in a different color. Seriously, we love it!John B. | Age 39
This is not my first naked wallet. I bought the original one from you several years ago and it finally needs to be replaced. While the one I have still works great, it’s just starting to look a little rough. It has by far been the best wallet I’ve ever used.Justin D. | Age 39
In the reviews for another wallet on Amazon someone said ‘I use a Naked Wallet and can’t imagine how this could be any better.’ So after looking at your site, it seemed that this wallet was very slim and it looked like it works very well. After I looked at your survey data it seemed that this wallet was a huge hit among men, a group of which I was born a member. Also, I have already recommended it to a friend. I think he would be super enthused about your product.James P. | Age 39
I just love my Naked Wallet! I have traditionally been a money clip guy. The problem has always been once you put in a large sum of money the magnet won’t hold or the spring on the clip bends. Not with The Naked Wallet®. Just the other day I had 22 cards and 18 bills in my Naked Wallet and it just smiled and said, “Is that all you got!'” LOL. This is a must for every man, woman, and child. Again, I LOVE MY NAKED WALLET!!!Greg B. | Age 40
I carried a standard wallet many years ago in my back pocket, then switched to a money clip to minimize what I carried and went to carrying it in the front pocket. The money clip would bend depending on the number of cards or cash that I had at the time. Sometimes the money clip was widened too much and cards slipped out. Other times, the cash bill would get ripped. Last year I switched to The Naked Wallet® and set my money clip aside. I can easily access credit cards without taking the naked wallet off my bills and I can easily slide off The Naked Wallet® when I need to use cash. I love it!!!Jerry S. | Age 42
I love mine. I had previously bought a few and gave them away as gifts. Everyone loved them, especially my friends who are into rubber bands, so I am back buying more.Jeff F. | Age 43
I never realized how ridiculously heavy my wallet was until I started using The Naked Wallet®!Tate C. | Age 44
I like The Naked Wallet® and the product seems to be useful when you are not carrying a full size wallet we all carry every day.Paul S. | Age 35-45
I think it is a great product and am impressed.Jim N. | Age 45-55
For two years now my needs have been fully satisfied by The Naked Wallet®. Its capacity is not unlimited but you can wrap 14 cards and several bills comfortably.R. Curtis | Age Unknown
This is my second Naked Wallet and it works great for me. Keeps everything tight and I have not had any problems losing items. I hope I have sent people your way, as I am a fan and share with others the information when asked. Very great product for me. Thanks and I am sure I will be back to your store!Jim D. | Age Unknown
About 8 months ago on a specific errand, I walked into the wrong office of a building. I saw on the wall the words “Naked Wallet.” After asking the woman what that was, she (the inventor) gave me a free Naked Wallet. The great ease in which a person can add, remove, and look at items within the bounds of this product are wonderful. Life stress is composed of a bunch of little stresses; not having to deal with the hassle of a conventional wallet makes my days easier. Thank you.Roberto Luna | Age Unknown
I have the leather version and it’s the best wallet I’ve ever had. I’m not a fan of the back pocket bulge that traditional wallets create and the Naked Wallet keeps the whole thing thin and light. I tuck my cash in there along with my ID and a few credit cards and I’m set. No back pocket bulge and everything is where I can see it.Keith Pelan | Age Unknown
The Naked Wallet is the best wallet/money clip EVER!!!!!! What else can I say?Scott G. | Age 63
I got a Naked Wallet as a gift a couple of years ago. I’ve been pretty rough on it, so it was time for a new one, and I got extras for me and to give as gifts.Jon S. | Age 55
I just ordered my second Naked Wallet… The first one was given to me a few years ago at the Starbucks in San Clemente as part of your marketing survey… my daughter was with me and she was given one… I love the thing… I have worn it out… it is a great product!Daniel N. | Age 56
I have had two and my second one is beginning to wear out! My mother gave me them as a gift and I want to continue to use them. That’s why I bought three!!Richard C. | Age 57
My son Joe was one of the first to write a testimonial and you published it. He showed his to me and I immediately purchased one (black) for myself and used it daily until I wore it out. I ordered another and have been using nothing but your Naked Wallet since. I own several fine Italian leather wallets but they are still in boxes!Jerry M. | Age 63
I had been a money clip user for years. But The Naked Wallet® is ever so much better than money clips which you continually have to compress and stretch to accommodate changes in the size of your stack of bills and cards. I’ll be ordering some for gifts soon.Richard C. | Age 66
I have had one for about a month. I love it and carry all my cards and cash in my front pocket vs. carrying a fat wallet in my back pocket and having a sore butt. I am ordering another one because I wanted a colorful one so that if I drop it, I can easily spot it.Joel F. | Age 71
I was in New York City last September and saw a guy with a Naked Wallet. I asked him where he got it and when I got home, Googled it and ordered 2 – a black and brown. These are much better than the traditional money clip in that they expand to allow more bills and credit cards and are not cumbersome to use nor bulky. Thanks for this product. I really enjoy using it daily.Ray T. | Age 73
Every time I pull it out of my pocket, someone asks about it. In lieu of a wallet, I have carried a money clip for over 30 years (I have several custom made ones that cost big $$$$) and find yours really works better. I’ll continue to recommend your product to my friends. Again, THANK YOU.Jeffrey B. | Age 55-65
Excellent product, you have a winner.Tony R. | Age 55-65
I use it every day. Nice item.Robert S. | Age 55-65

Female Testimonials

I absolutely love my Naked Wallet. I have three of them because I like to switch out the colors with whatever I’m wearing that day. A lot of my friends have a Naked Wallet, we all love it because it’s really small, super easy to use and it really simplifies your life.Kristelle L. | Age 18
I love my new Naked Wallet. It’s small, compact, and easy to use. It’s so simple, I love it. I’m never going back to my old wallet.Kristine T. | Age 18
I was skeptical of using The Naked Wallet® at first because I didn’t think putting all my cards in a bundle would be of much help. The moment I started using it though, I realized that having everything in a bundle was probably the most convenient and obvious solution. Now I can easily switch purses and know whether or not I have all the cards I need, and I can easily carry my stuff during nights out!Camille A. | Age 21
This is a gift for my husband for Valentine’s Day. We have a good friend that has a Naked Wallet and that is all my husband has talked about is how much he wanted one.Adrian S. | Age 23
I love The Naked Wallet® because it’s super easy and convenient to use. I can just slip it in my pocket, don’t have to carry a purse, and I have everything ready and accessible that I need. I love The Naked Wallet®!Jenni G. | Age 23
I loved that it gave me freedom. I haven’t carried a purse in a month! It took a little getting used to, but realizing that I only need a couple of cards and some cash to get me through the day was fairly liberating. I love it and will continue to use it. My only concern was that it took a few days for me to trust it. I was convinced everything was going to fall out, but it never did.Ashley M. | Age 15-25
I don’t like carrying a purse so it works for me.Laurel F. | Age 15-25
Very convenient when I’m at work; I just grab it when I need money. If I’m to be going out and don’t need much, it is perfect. My mom would love something like this.Deanna F. | Age 15-25
Nice product! Perfect for club use when you use a clutch.Carry C. | Age 15-25
I like The Naked Wallet® because I don’t like carrying a purse or wallet around. It holds my cards and cash that I need. It’s not bulky and fits right in my back pocket!Cassie | Age 15-25
I love this product. The simplicity of the product is what makes it so special.Ericka Ann H. | Age 15-25
The product is easy to use rather than fumbling with a wallet.Rachel B. | Age 15-25
I really like The Naked Wallet®. I just had to get a routine down that took a few times using the product. Thank you!Nicaela M. | Age 15-25
I lost it at the end of the month. So sad. I used it every day.Caroline T. | Age 15-25
I’ve been using mine over a year now. It’s everything the video says it is. Wouldn’t be without it.Equity44 (YouTube User) | Age Unknown
This is useful for men and women who carry just a few wallet items.Jennifer J. | Age 25-35
Well, I got my wallet in the mail and started using it right away. In fact, it has become the wallet I use every day. At first I thought that I would use it for outings and trips to the gym, but it is so convenient that I just can’t make myself switch back to my old wallet.Betsy W. | Age 35
My husband loves them. This is the second one that he owns and he asked me for extra ones for Father’s Day weekend… Great gift too for his golf buddies!Simonette P. | Age 37
I first saw your wallets in my chiropractor’s office. I bought one for everyone in my family who carried a wallet in their pocket. They all love them, so much so that they asked for a new one when their old one wore out. So here I am again buying new wallets for my loved ones, knowing full well they will be happy and healthier because of it. They are the perfect gift!Claudine J. | Age 37
I am a chiropractor and I am on my second Naked Wallet. My first one is still being used but I have used it so much that the leather is coming loose. I have abused this thing and it has withstood the test of time! I love it and I use it as a teaching tool as to why men should get rid of those bulky wallets in their back pockets. Having used money clips for as long as I can remember… I am a huge advocate of The Naked Wallet® and wish you great success!Casey A. | Age 38
We had bought a Naked Wallet at a store in Washington, IL and my husband loved it, so he wanted to have a couple back-ups and to give a couple as gifts. Thanks for shipping so quickly!Laurie K. | Age 40
I love the concept because I don’t like carrying a big wallet.Denese B. | Age 35-45
It’s perfect for use in small clutches and gym bags.Annette R. | Age 35-45
Love it!Marci H. | Age 35-45
I bought one for my husband a couple of years ago and now I am buying one for a friend.Candy C. | Age 45
I love my Naked Wallet. I have two and use them both all the time. Whenever I go out with my friends, I take my cards and cash, put them in the wallet, and off I go. That and the car key in my pocket are all I need. It is great to not have to keep track of a purse or pay for a locker to keep it locked up in some clubs.Anonymous | Age 45
Love my Naked Wallet. I like the fact I can take a few cards and cash, stuff it in a pocket, and go – no worries about a purse, a big wallet, or even a belly bag. I am going to tell and show a lot of people. I think it is the best, coolest thing on the market. Thank you for my Naked Wallet.Cheryl S. | Age 54
Used for running and a garage sale. Works great!Crista | Age 45-55
It’s practical for tiny purses. I like to carry small purses and stay light so this is helpful. It’s also useful for keeping in a pocket when I just want to carry cash and leave my purse at home.Nathalie B. | Age 45-55
I have a pink one and my fella has the tan. We both love the product and get many comments on how cool they are.Jan H. | Age 59
I work in real estate and use this for business cards as well as money. It’s awesome, thx!!!Peggy B. | Age 55-65