Personalized Money Clip – Many Choices to Fit Any Man’s Personality

Money Clip

Money clips are compact and simple devices used to keep all your credit cards, cash and important receipts in a more efficient manner. Money clips do a better safekeeping job than fat leather wallets. A customized money clip is an ideal way to carry your valuables while also making a fashion statement. Naked Wallet is your one stop store offering exquisitely designed money clips to hold your personal items. They come in different styles, materials and designs and there is always the right one for everyone on your gift list.

Money Clip Designs

Money clips come in numerous styles and shapes that will not only look appealing, but also enhance your looks. Some can be encrusted with expensive jewelry and stones if you are looking to make the gifting even more valuable.

Metal money clips are the most popular designs. Platinum, stainless steel, white gold or silver are some of the common metals used. Money clips  that comes with exquisite design are seen as a luxury item and are always a gift all recipients will cherish. In order to give the gift a personal touch the metals can be engraved with a fancy or simple monogram.

Magnetic Money  Clip offers a different style to money clipping. They are often made from two strong and flat magnets usually encased in leather. They are design with the intention to swivel into an open or closed position. Magnetic money clip are built for men and they possess the ability to carry more cash than the metal clips, thus making them popular in some circles.

A hybrid clip is the perfect alternative for those looking to carry not only cash but also credit cards as well.  It was built to further improve on the number of items a traditional clip can hold.  It comes with a rotating magnet clip attached to the back to effectively hold more contents.

Leather money clips are sometimes referred to as slim wallets due to the ease at which they would fit into your pockets. Leather money clips sometimes not only provide cash and card storage, but they also have a transparent compartment which will clearly and easily accommodate your identity card. Leather money clips also comes in a wide range of colors including traditional black, browns, tans, dark greens, and even a crème color. Even more, you can also emboss initials or social symbol for personalization.

Money clips can come in a variety of designs such as horseshoes, dollar signs and even paper clips. Some money clips come built in time piece carefully integrated into its design. Others may come with a small pocket knife giving it that unique feel. You can add to its design by having your favorite logo or team emblem encrusted in your money clip.

Custom money clips brings out your style and personal feel, but manufacturers may be unwilling to create one for you unless you are seeking to order them in large quantities, say about a hundred or more.

Money clips can tell a brief story about an individual. It can most times give an insight to the person’s character or personality. Money clips come in different styles and price tags, so you would most likely find the perfect one for your budget.

A custom made money clip also a classy way to go, as they help define your personality. Just mere looking at the type of wallet an individual uses, it is easy to deduce if such individuals have few or more of these features including wealthy, down-to-earth, organized, flashy, or a relatively simple person. Carefully select the right style and design for each individual on your gift list and you would be amazed as to how exciting they will be. Over the years, wallets and money clips have been used interchangeably as a fashion accessory. Therefore wallet manufacturers saw it as a no brainer to fuse these two items into one. The outcome which is the – Money Clip Wallet.

Money clip wallets are ideal gift items to purchase for modern gentlemen. As the name implies, it is basically a money clip and a wallet integrated together to form one perfect fashion accessory. And they both have significant benefits over the regular wallet or money clip.

Easier to Use

Money clip wallets are stylish, elegant and offers convenience at the very best. They do a much better job of storing cash and cards than the conventional money holders and they are much more easy to use when compared to other brands.

The clip in a money clip wallet can be used inside or outside. A clip integrated on the outer part of the leather wallet provides an easier way to reach money out of your pockets. On the other hand, if the clip is located in the inner part it will help keep your money safe and secured.

When clipping paper money, it is advisable to roll it to make for a more compact clipping. You are rest assured of your money wallet remaining flat when you have your cash in them, as they are designed to remain the same when bills are compactly and properly clipped inside them.

Fashionable Yet Practical

Mafia movies tend to depict gangsters as gentlemen, and what better way to drive home the point than using accessories like stainless money clips to complement their renowned black suits and cuff links. They are for most times seen as a classic fashion accessory when compared to other fashion accessories.

Money clip wallets however aims to maintain the fashion sense without compromising on the functionality and purpose of a wallet. We all have more personal effects than money. Some of these things include identification cards, membership cards and licenses. A money clip can help keep all your items secured and safe.